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DIV I Night Tournament has always been innovative. In the past years the concepts such as no ball free hit rules were first tested in this tournament. In 2013, We bring a new concept whereby the leading run scorer and wicket taker for a week will be awarded with a Orange (Batsman) and Purple (Bowler) cap.




Week 1 Winners Asif Patel 77 Arif Khan (Lucky) 4
Week 2 Winners Shaheem Shahid 52 Prem Arokiadass 4
Week 3 Winners Hanif Patel 107* Rayyan Siddiqui 4
Week 4 Winners Gitesh Patel 102 Jaimin Patel (Vijay ) 5
Week 5 Winners Dhruv Patel (Fighting Tigers) 56 Hemen Patel (Fighting Tigers) 6
Week 6 Winners Shaheer Hasan (Patriots Fire) 56 Jaimin Patel (Patriots Fire) 4
Week 7 Winners Siva Reddy (Patriots Fire) 50* Siva Reddy (Patriots Fire) 4
Week 8 Winners Krishna Verma (Hawks) 66 Vishal Shah (Streamwood Blues) 4
Week 9 Winners Deval (Guru) Patel (Fighting Tigers) 84 Kamran Abbasi (Realcom) 5
Week 10 Winners Mukarram Raheel (Hawks) 70 Faizan Zakaria (Royals) 4

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