Match Commentary
Villa Park trashed Stallions in mere 5.5 over; Zeyad Imtiaz (39* runs & 3 wkts) named MOM

By Haris Imtiaz

Villa Park squared up against lack luster Stallions outfit on a warm Sunday evening. Stallions won the toss by default and put tired VPCC in the field, which was playing 3rd game in 3 days. Samir Siddiqui (5) opened with Andy Dadlani (1) to face the music against sharp Villa Park bowling attack. Ahmed Bakhshi (1) and Haris Imtiaz (2) wasted no time asserting their dominance over dismal Stallions. Even their main gun Hassan Hashmi (2) did not influence the game much; the only minimal resistance came from in-form Omar Aziz (13) and Mohammad Raoof (20). Rest of the pack fell like house of cards against Zeyad and Co. who led the charge with 3 wickets. Stallions bundled out for mere 61 runs.Villa Park sent their dynamic pair Zeyad Imtiaz (39*) and Mujtaba Baqir (5) with clear instructions to finish the game off quickly but with style. Zeyad Imtiaz followed the instructions with precision and knocked around under quality Stallions bowling to all parts of the field. Villa Park reached the target in 5.5 overs to annihilate the winless Stallions.Zeyad Imtiaz (39 runs & 3 wkts) named MOM for this one sided affair.