Match Commentary
Dubuque Tigers defeated Chicago Super Kings 4 wickets; Obaid (40 runs) named MOM

Dubuque XI won the toss and elected to field first after Captain Farrukh Ali reviewed the ground conditions and laid out a winning strategy. Arsalan Uddin and Bilal Ahmed impressively opened the bowling for the DBQ Tigers. Arsalan broke through initially in the first over by claiming a catch in the slip, brilliantly caught by Talha Makki(sub) and a runout in the first over. He followed it with another wicket in the very next over. Bilal A supported him well in the first spell of the innings. The balance went on DBQ XI's side within the first 5 overs as the vistiors, Chicago Super Kings, had lost 3 quick wickets.


DBQ Tigers kept the pressure up with Saad Bagash and Bilal Nasir bowling tight lines and not allowing the batsmen any room to maneuver. Bilal Nasir continued his impressive off-spin and claimed 3 wickets while Saad got their well set batsmen (Edwards) clean bowled in this final over of the spell. Bowling effort from DBQ XI turned out to be a well knitted team work display with first time bowlers Emad Syed and Maiez Arif claiming 1 wicket each. Wajahat Makki also pitched in with his super fast pace to restrict the visitors to 97 all out and not allowing them a full 30 overs to bat.


Chicago Super Kings also had a dream start as they had DBQ XI on 4/3 within the first 2 overs. From that point onwards the match was as level as it could be, a few more wickets or a few boundaries would have tilted the balance again. Emad and Bilal A gave the home side a steady build up with Bilal A hitting a four and six to shed some pressure from the batting side. Obaid Khan saw the team through the finish line with exemplary display of controlled batting. Rotating the strike with singles and doubles he ended the match with 2 back to back boundaries to allow his team 2 additonal points.