Match Commentary
Bright Future wins a last over thriller against new look Players
Bright Future started the tournament on Sunday morning playing their first match against their old nemesis, Players. The ground conditions assured it to be a low scoring match because of the damp outfield. Players won the toss and decided to bat first. Bright Future bowlers bowled good line and length, although gave away few extras, and consistently troubled the batsmen. Players were all out for 133 which seemed an easy target given the high scores made on this ground. Bright Future opened with a new pair, Omer and Zeeshan, who played a match winning opening innings in a friendly match against Players a week ago. Only this time, Omer trapped himself in front of the stumps on the very second delivery of the innings and had to head back to pavilion. Bright Future could feel Players weren¯t going to make it easy on Bright Future. Their tight line and length produced ample opportunities but their fielding wasn¯t one of the best. Bright Future batsmen enjoyed good fortunes because of some dropped catches and managed to barely reach the target in the second last over with just two wickets to spare. Both teams enjoyed the match and would take their lessons learned to their next game. Bright Future is scheduled to play Bolingbrook next on May 24th.