Match Commentary
Villa Park flattened Bright Future in a hard fought win, Furqan Qureshi (5-13-2) named MOM for his brilliant bowling

On a hot Saturday afternoon, Villa Park faced the undefeated Bright Future on GH1 ground. Bright Future won the toss by default and elected to field first since they were comprehensively beaten in practice match while batting first. Mujtaba Baqir and Zeyad Imtiaz opened the batting, but they could not develop a healthy partnership. Zeyad Imtiaz (7) started with flare when he hit a huge six to Hashim Raza (0) but soon depart off Mohammed Mirza (1). This brought the little champ Hassan Bakhshi to the crease. Hassan and Mujtaba quickly took the score to 40 when Mujtaba Baqir (9) was bowled by a swinging delivery off Fahad Syed (2). Haris Imtiaz comes in to join Hassan and built the innings cautiously while playing some controlled excellent shot. Hassan Bakhshi (25) was unlucky as he was caught at the long-off boundary by Omer Khan off the bowling of Zeeshan Jamal (2). Fawad Agha joins Haris and started building a partnership with singles and double while hitting the occasional boundary to keep the score just in control. Haris Imtiaz (20) departed just when Villa Park was set to show some fireworks to tired Bright Future bowlers and fielders. But Uzair Ali came in and showed his intentions right away by stealing runs at will. Villa Park received another setback when Fawad Agha (11) was caught behind by Arif Hockla (1) with 99 on board. Arsalan Ali joined his brother at the crease and they both stuck to the initial plan and started milking Bright Future’s bowling mercilessly. They both added quick runs in no time and dispatched some monstrous hits before Arsalan (13) failed to clear the boundary and was caught at long-off. Uzair (17) soon departed as he was deceived by Haris Syed (2). Ahmad Bakhshi (7) once again hit a huge six and small contributions from tail took the score to a respectable 142.

Bright Future came out confident thinking of an easy chase with their strong batting but they forgot they had a beast of a bowling line-up to tackle. Haris gave them the first taste of a bitter journey when Omer Khan (0) had his off stump flying very first ball. Sunny Khan (6) had to rush in by this unexpected set-back, but Ahmad Bakhshi end his misery quickly as his pace turned out too much for Sunny Khan and his middle stump was knocked out by a lethal yorker. Jameel Vohra (13) on the other hand, kept swinging at every thing hoping to connect one but the only thing that connected was his middle stump with the ball. Zeeshan Jamal was joined by Haris Syed to save some respect for Bright Future but Fawad (1) nailed another one soon as Zeeshan (9), who kept missing the line of ball, missed another one in front of the stumps. At 36/4, Villa Park was extremely charged up and kept putting the pressure on Bright Future who found it utterly difficult to even defend without getting out to Villa Park’s bowlers. Villa Park soon introduced Furqan Qureshi (2) to add to Bright Future’s misery as he got rid of Arif Hockla (2) the very first ball. Zeyad made the ball talk yet again as Haris Syed (19), who was dropped at long-on, lob straight this time to Muhammad Ahmed in covers who made no mistake. Arif Mahmood (11) soon followed him, when Zeyad completely foxed him with his quicker delivery and he could only middle it with his pads and was duly sent back. With asking rate quickly rising and no runs available anywhere, Fahad Syed (4) decided to take the aerial root, only to find Arsalan at mid-wicket. Few deliveries later, Arsalan took a blinder at cover boundary off Ahmad Bakhshi to send Aamir Ansari (12), Bright Future’s last hope of a miracle, back. Ahmad (2) soon almost finished the game but Hashim Raza (24*), who struggled to build any momentum or keep Bright Future in game, was dropped at point by Hassan, who in the process had another webbing split yet again during a game against Bright Future. Haris finished the game in style as he knocked stumps yet again of another Bright Future batsman, Mohammed Mirza (1).  

Villa Park won the match by 28 runs, a score which only one of Bright Future’s batsman came little close to but only after taking a fortune of deliveries. Furqan Qureshi was awarded ‘Man of the Match’ for his outstanding bowling which completely kept Bright Future’s batsmen guessing. Villa Park completed yet another victory against Bright Future keeping their winning streak going for the 3rd straight year.